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Women & The Workplace: What Women Need To Thrive In Today's Workplaces

Women are in a period of heightened job transition: switching employers, changing careers, or leaving the workforce all together. Women are reassessing what they want out of their jobs within the context of their personal priorities, and thus reevaluating their expectations of employers.  

Organizations have the opportunity to retain and recruit women if they recognize women’s unique needs, enact meaningful change, and create a culture that aligns with women’s values and values their contributions. 

HHB’s research among Women in Corporate America helps us understand what is most important to women in the workplace today, what they need from their employers to thrive within their organizations, and how these priorities differ by race, ethnicity, and generation.

To learn more about what organizations need to know to cultivate a workplace that not only retains women employees but empowers their success…

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