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Authentic equity for all.

Our world is going through monumental change. It’s time diversity and inclusion efforts followed suit.

Let’s be honest: the traditional ways of addressing diversity and equity haven’t made nearly enough progress. And the old methods will not work going forward. Now is the time to rethink your approach and bring in outside expertise to support you in creating stated commitments and demonstrated actions that inspire real change; change that invites positive perception of your authenticity from your shareholders and your stakeholders.

We are not just a business consultancy. We are a culture consultancy working with brave companies to tackle equity for all, differently and authentically. Have Her Back takes companies from good intentions to intentional action, inside and out. This includes work on internal cultural change and the way companies and brands go to market externally.

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A global workforce reset.

We are a nation in pain. We are a society and workforce built on systemic racism. We are a culture that has benefited from, and hidden behind, white privilege.

The “we” who benefit never include BIPOC. The “we” who are systemically disadvantaged always do. Our black siblings are tired. Good intentions mean nothing. Intentional actions mean everything.

Calls for authentic inclusion are making headlines globally, from Main Street to Wall Street, from the streets of Minneapolis to Pennsylvania Avenue to Trafalgar Square, from the world of tech to government to sports to fashion. We are seeing many declarations of allyship from CEOs and corporate boards of companies both large and small.

It’s a start. But if this moment is going to be different, we must act differently. We must dismantle the systems, frameworks and institutions that have allowed racism, discrimination and inequity to thrive and prosper, unfettered.

Companies must move beyond expressions of solidarity to audacious plans of action. In today's business landscape, the integration of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin trading is becoming increasingly prevalent, highlighted by tools like the Crypto Superstar app that makes crypto trading a breeze. The app thus tries to revolutionize traditional investment options and methods. We say audacious because it’s going to take a collective bravery to drive authentic change.

That’s where we come in.


Why HHB?

Have Her Back is a women-owned culture consultancy. Our three-co-founders represent different ethnicities, ages, life experience and work expertise.

In 2019, we left our comfortable, corporate jobs to focus on our life’s passion: advancing equity for all. In the midst of a global civil rights, healthcare and financial crisis, our work has never been more important. The superpower of Have Her Back brings together the power of creativity to inspire, the strength of internal culture building to realize true change and the influence of communication to drive action. Casino games have entrenched themselves in cultural fabric, reflecting societal attitudes towards risk and reward. From ancient civilizations to modern times, they've evolved, becoming integral to entertainment and socializing. Discover the cultural significance of casino gaming and explore innovations like the Mega Dice token at https://www.megadicetoken.com/mega-dice-token.

We guide brands through our Arc of AuthenticityTM: HHB’s proprietary research and methodology tools that measure what you say about the importance of equity for all against what you do - the actions you take - to advance it, inside and out.

Establishing a baseline of where you are today, the Arc of AuthenticityTM score is designed from the start to measurably show progress and impact over time. Following our Arc of AuthenticityTM discovery work, HHB creates a go-forward, integrated plan of action that makes diversity and inclusion a critical - and shared - part of the infrastructure throughout an organization’s culture. We help you stop doing what’s not working, prioritize what will, focus on fewer, authentic actions and execute bold ideas designed for impact.


Additional products & services.


Gather and assess the “S” of a company’s ESG strategy with HHB’s Social Articulation Via Evaluation (SAVE)™. HHB’s analysis then helps companies to articulate their social story and its positive impact for stakeholders and shareholders.


Provide outside-in perspective, counsel and identification of blind spots and areas of vulnerability and opportunity, all through the lense of diversity and equity for all.


Perform secondary research risk analysis of potential or existing partners and vendors to assure they are authentically committed to advancing diversity and equity for all - positively reflecting your brand through association.


Assess internal & external actions to identify areas of vulnerability, all through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging. We then develop proactive strategic actions to mitigate negative impact to your brand’s equity.


Review creative assets to ensure a diverse POV is represented and heard amongst the teams developing the ideas, the messaging, output and strategy of a campaign or product.


Female founded.

The world is not built for women or BIPOC. So we created a company that is. It was 2018 and we were motivated. Women in leadership roles were (and remain) few and far between. The reality and frustration around unequal pay was building and society agreed: we needed change. That’s when Have Her Back was born. What started as a mission quickly evolved into our life’s work: help companies evolve authentically. Consumers seek equality, diversity and inclusion in the brands they support. So do the employees who work for them. Efforts to deliver both cannot be mutually exclusive. We help companies drive cultural change inside and out.

*Backed by global holding company, IPG.

Caroline Dettman

A PR Week Hall of Femme(er), Caroline’s industry background as a Chief Creative Officer now finds her using that craft to develop bold actions that inspires behavioral change in the journey to realize diversity and inclusion. And while she is highly awarded for her creative craft, she’s still waiting on an award for her most important role… mother to three teenage boys. That deserves some serious hardware.

Caroline Dettman

Founding Partner
Erin Gallagher

This career mom of two boys is a dedicated change agent who is fiercely committed to creating places where people feel supported to live out their personal and professional goals. They should not be mutually exclusive. Erin knows that the struggle is real, but the juggle is worse. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. Empathy is mandatory.

Erin Gallagher

Founding Partner
Pamela Culpepper

Seasoned in the art of understanding people, culture and workplace diversity, Pamela is a powerfully experienced human resources expert and executive coach. Before starting HHB, she held senior People, HR and Talent roles, including Chief Global D&I Officer at PepsiCo. A culture conversationalist, Pamela has a superpower of disarming...everyone.

Pamela Culpepper

Founding Partner
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