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HHB Brief

Have Her Back's Email Newsletter, the HHB Brief, provides insights and intel on change makers tackling equity for all. Highlighting the individuals, companies, movements and moments in culture that inspire us, the HHB Brief keeps you current on the complex Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (I.D.E.A.) landscape.

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Why Paid Leave Impacts Us All

HHB Brief: 9.27.21

What’s Missing from Your Boardroom

HHB Brief: 9.20.21

You Need a Doughnut

HHB Brief: 9.15.21

Gender Equity Is Not A Women’s Issue

HHB Brief: 9.7.21

What the "Great Discontent" Means

HHB Brief: 8.25.21

Where the "Mommy Track" Should Lead

HHB Brief: 8/19/21

How do You Manage the Unknown?

HHB Brief: 8.13.21

The Power of "No"

HHB Brief: 8.4.21

How We Changed History

HHB Brief: 7.29.21

DEI + A = Equity for All

HHB Brief: 7.21.21

Who Haven't You Invited?

HHB Brief: 7.15.21

A Damaging Message to Black Women

HHB Brief: 7.8.21

Stop Questioning Women’s Abilities

HHB Brief: 6.30.21